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Summary of support for parents and other important adults in Norrtälje Municipality

Föräldrastödjare (Parental Supporters)

Do you need someone to talk to about your parenting, someone who can be your sounding board? We offer individual conversations and digital parent meetings to parents or adults who play an important role in the lives of children and young people.

Telephone: 073-962 39 52, 070-515 48 61

E-mail: eva.paulsen@norrtalje.se

E-mail: eva.elelid@norrtalje.se



Centrala elevhälsan (Central Student Health Service)

The digital Student Health Service is open every weekday (except bank holidays) from 07:30 and 17:00, and can be accessed via the web. The service is also open on weekdays during the school holidays. Students who wish to do so can still contact their counsellor and school nurse directly at the school as usual, or via the common telephone number.

Both students and parents can reach a school counsellor or school nurse via the helpline.

Telephone: 0176-28 34 41.

https://www.norrtalje.se/e-tjanster/har-kan-du-som-elev-kontakta- elevhalsan-kurator-eller-skolskoterska/

Advice and support by phone

Fokushuset in Norrtälje offers advice and support by phone for anyone who needs help managing their concerns in these trying times.

Weekdays from 13:00-21:00

Weekends from 10:00-20:00

Telephone: 0176-326 483



An outpatient clinic offers counselling services to parents and children and adolescents aged 0-18 years who need support in addressing mild mental health issues.

Book an appointment via 1177 or call the clinic directly for advice and appointments.

Monday-Thursday from 8:00-16:30

Friday from 8:00-15:00

Telephone: 0176-326 460

It is possible to leave a voicemail message; you will be contacted as soon as possible.



Rådrummet is an advice resource aimed at adults who need to talk to someone outside their immediate circle about everything from life crises to life choices, without having to register anywhere. Rådrummet team members listen, share knowledge, and provide advice and support. If necessary, they can also offer referrals to other municipal organisations.

Weekdays from 17:00-18:30

Telephone: 0176-326483



Barn- och ungdomspsykiatrin (BUP) is a specialist child and adolescent clinic for parents with children aged 17 and younger. Contact with BUP is made via referral or by submitting a request for care via the phone. BUP has also recorded films about issues such as anxiety and depression: https://www.tiohundra.se/bupfilm

BUP’s normal office hours are weekdays from 08:00 - 16:00, but the clinic

also offers emergency appointments. During evening and weekend hours you must contact BUP in Stockholm instead.

For the smallest children there is also BUP Kärnan, which receives preschoolers aged 0-6 years together with parents.

BUP Norrtälje, telephone: 0176-327 380

BUP Stockholm, telephone: 08-616 69 00

https://www.tiohundra.se/valkommen-till-bup-i-norrtalje https://www.tiohundra.se/karnan

Socialkontoret (the Social Welfare Centre)

If you are worried that a child may be being mistreated, contact the Social Welfare Centre. You can choose to file a report or simply ask for advice without telling us which child is involved. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Clinic for children and young people

Telephone: 0176-710 43

Contact the Social Emergency Service if you need help during evening, nighttime or weekend hours.

Telephone 08-410 200 40

https://www.norrtalje.se/info/stod-och-omsorg/familj-barn-och-unga/om-du- misstanker-att-ett-barn-far-illa/

Mini Maria Clinic

The Mini Maria Clinic in Norrtälje is aimed at young people with alcohol or drug-related problems.

Telephone: 0176-716 72

https://www.norrtalje.se/info/stod-och-omsorg/missbruk/mini-maria-for- ungdomar/

The Domestic Violence Unit

This clinic has special responsibility for people who are or have previously been subjected to psychological, physical or other abuse by someone close to them.

Telephone: 0176-714 43

Monday - Friday 08:30-12:00.

Outside these times, during evening, nighttime and weekend hours, you can contact the Social Emergency Service.

Telephone: 08-410 200 40

In case of acute danger, always call the emergency number 112.

https://www.norrtalje.se/info/stod-och-omsorg/trygg-i-norrtalje- kommun/verksamheten-i-trygg-i-norrtalje-kommun/vald-i-nara- relation/enhetvinr/

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