Fler bilder från Norrtälje

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Section 7 Penningby - Vigelsjö

Penningby - Vigelsjö 22 km

Visit Länna old rectory and make a cultural journey through time from in 1703 to 1959. Next to the vicarage is the octagonal 'Silwer lavatory', a 3-hole earth closet with stained glass windows. It was built in 1916 by priest Carl Silwer in honour of the visitation of Archbishop Nathan Söderblom. 

Heading into Norrtälje, the capital of Roslagen, the trail passes the beautiful houses in Kvisthamra on the road out to the promontory of Kärleksudden. Here there's a summer café and the chance to swim in the sea. Why not make a slight detour and cross the wooden bridge to the island of Borgmästarholmen.

Norrtälje was awarded its town charter in 1622 but much of the town was burnt by the Russians in 1719. In the 1730s the estate of Wallinska Gårdarna was built on Lilla Torget square and the Town Hall on Stora Torget square. In the 19th century Norrtälje was one of the most popular spa resorts on the Baltic Sea – known for its healing mud.

Today Norrtälje is an idyllic small town with authentic buildings. It has shops, restaurants and cafés, art events and museums – all year round. Don't miss the Pythagoras Industrial Museum and Norrtälje art gallery. The Norrtälje river flows through the middle of town and teems with sea trout for fly-fishing.

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