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Native language teaching

Your child has the right to education in their native language, when in primary school. In order to be eligible for this, it is required that you and/or the child's other parent speak the native language in everyday life.

Language is the foundation

Language is man's primary tool for thinking, communication and learning. Through language, people develop their identity, express feelings and thoughts and understand how others feel and think. It is important to have a rich and varied language in order to understand and work in a society where cultures, philosophies, generations and languages meet.

Having access to your native language also facilitates language acquisition and your learning in different fields. The teaching of your native language should be aimed at developing skills in that language and that you learn about the background and culture behind the language.

Requirements for native language teaching

To get native language tuition it is required that:

  • You and/or the child's other parent speak the native language in everyday life
  •  Your child, attending grades 1-9 has a good base knowledge of the native language
  •  There must be at least 5 students in the municipality who require teaching in the same native language.

Grades are given for native language education.

The national minority languages

Sweden has five national minority languages. If your children belong to a national minority, they have the right to further develop their minority language in preschool and in school. The five national minority languages are:

  • Finnish 
  • Yiddish 
  • Meänkieli 
  • Romani 
  • Sami


Feel free to contact our coordinator with any questions you might have.
Mona Valdenström
Telephone: 0176-711 54 
E-mail: mona.valdenstrom@norrtalje.se

Department manager modersmålsenheten: 0176-717 17


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